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Friday, May 29, 2009

Be A CHILI-HEAD!!!! \m/

I went to Chili's, the restaurant. Prasad's treat. ;) ( I know its invariably his treat when we go to an expensive place :D )

So getting down straight to business; 15 things I liked about them... ummm..lets say 10 things I 'observed' about them;

1. Cool parking logo; 'Parking only for Chili customers. All other cars will be crushed and melted.' WOah!

2. Neatly tucked in shirts for the crew. Smartly dressed 'fit' girls.

3. 'Well groomed staff' -would be underrating them. They spoke cool, nice AND friendly as well.

4. The person serving you comes and 'introduces' himself.

5. The person taking order 'sits' and takes it down. Me and Prasad decided that must be to relax the customers who get panicked while ordering with the whole idea of someone 'standing' on their head. Neat, again.

6. FAT ASS PORTIONS. Jesus. We had to pack half the dish back home.

7. The inverted picture! Wacky idea but not-so-cool picture hung upside down following the Chili's-history.

8. The Guilt-LESS grills. Note: You still feel guilty about the quantity you're hogging. But, LESSER guilty. So remember, its not GUILT-FREE... just guilt-less. :|

9. The bill; a whooping four digit for the two of us. OK! OK! Was worth it for an outing.

10. The Game; They do have a large screen showing game at the bar. Oh did I not mention the bar they got? :)

11. The BIG FAT chilli on the entrance. Prasad tells me that's definitely from abroad. :)

12. The interiors, I must compliment the branding of this place. EVEN THE CHAIRS and DOOR handles had chillies on them. So, CUTE!

13. The poor girl who must have gone up and down the stairs like fifteen times bringing in the guests! No wonder the girls are so fit.

14. Their logo...


15. I observed an inch increase in my belly as I walked out smiling :D

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