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Friday, May 29, 2009

Bump-ing Bump-ing... here we go..

(The picture is for representational purpose only)

Some days are pure Blunders.
By that I mean, the moment you step out of bed. Your toe nail hits the bed side table. You toss on the door mat and stumble thankfully landing right on the potty seat.

You hit your gums pretty bad while brushing ( FYI, which will later result in an ulcer). The water turns out a tad bit TOO HOT when you step into the shower.

You keep the potatoes without water into the pressure cooker and only realize when the safety valve touches the ceiling. In a hurry to control the situation, you almost escape laying flat on the piping hot vessel.

You touch your car door only to get a static because of the silky clothes you 'love' wearing. Your hand slips on the gear shaft and your nail breaks.

You turn on the radio to ease your head and just ...breathe.
Suddenly the car ahead of you breaks and yes, this time, you were quick. :)
But you realize you spoke a lil' too much, a lil' too early. The guy behind you rode straight into you with a thud.
You stare back at him and he just stands there sticking his tongue between his teeth expressing 'apology'. You move on (of course, that's only because there was no damage done).

You reach office and see people admiring your car at a distance. You straighten up, stroking your gear like your pet cat and speed into the parking. The jinx must have been broken.

You recall all this while I eat the obnoxious food from the cafeteria, because you forgot your lunch box you see.


Sreedhar said...

Roomiee.. too much to face on one day... split the unfortunate events into multiple days.. :)

Dee said...


Suchitra said...

Oh poor u !! guess u woke up on the wrong side.. some days just start bad and continue :(

Dee said...

Hehe... I know!..