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Monday, May 25, 2009

Mission MOMO!

I am still quite heart broken about the Neer-Dosa disaster I had on Saturday.
I had all the proportions right. Exact steps, no shortcuts..yet, I only had flying saucers ready for breakfast :o(
I'm yet to figure out what went wrong!

Nevertheless, the cook in me moved on asking for more recipes from Chef Google.
I found a match.

MOMO- A world famous Tibetan version of dumplings with all sorts of possible stuffing variations! You can have non-veg and veg versions of it as well.

Impressive I decided.

You see, here's the thing about me, traditional cooking is what I've seen, learnt and built my own style over years. Now, these unconventional stuff excite me! So, here I was making MOMO!

Its pretty short and sweet so, you too can have a sneak peek.

So, here are few things from first hand Momo-making-experience which you WILL NOT find anywhere else;

1. The dough; Tricky part. Shouldn't be TOO soft as they ask you to make it. Else, you'll find it skating around on your rolling board. Yet, if its hard; trust me, you'll need to sit on it to roll it out. No sweat, go slow while adding water to it, you'll hit the right buttons at some point.

2. The rolling out process; NOT as easy as it looks. You'll know when you get there :)

3. The shapes. No comments, I shall let the pictures below speak for themselves. Although I would "like" to say that I "tried" all the shapes.
But O.K., I agree, I can definitely work on these the next time.

4. The quantity. Unless you plan on having a party of 10. Do NOT overshoot beyond one cup maida(flour). Or else, you will end up having momos for the next few meals.

My hands were really greasy so I could only grab a few pics here and there;

But, all said and done. They tasted heavenly. I was particularly impressed with how my Smoked-Tomato-Spicy chutney (accompaniment yet crucial) turned out. I'd share that quick recipe with you all;
- 3 big tomatoes
- 5-6 big garlic cloves
- 2 tsp ginger garlic paste (yea! that makes it lots of garlic, don't question, just do it)
- salt, chilli powder (go a little overboard on chilli, Dude! its CALLED SPICY chutney, you gotta have spice!)
- Oil
- Now comes the MOST crucial and copyright ingredient of mine, MTR Chutney powder-2 heapfuls.

Process; Heat the oil. Chop and throw in the tomato, garlic cloves and ginger garlic paste.
Let it cook, mash the tomatoes while they cook.
Add one cup water and let it simmer on heat.
Add salt, chilli and chutney powder.

You'll be SURPRISED how well this goes with not just momo, but with rice, on bread, buns and even paranthas!
Bon Appetit!!


rkar said...

Turning out to be a chef's blog.. who'd believe you are a s/w pro as well... lol :)

Keep at it.. and don't forget to invite us over ;-)

Dee said...

Haha.. Sure. Welcome any time. :)