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Monday, February 9, 2009

No Cheese for me Please..

In case I didn't mention earlier, I am a photography enthusiast.

I usually carry my camera to any place that me and my friends are gonna hang out, and yes, we intentionally dress up 'well' since the Camera is gonna be around.

All my friends as well as me, we love to smile. All the more when its for the Camera. :D
What I have learnt from my experience (howsoever short it is ;) ) here's the thing about the Camera is, if you Point and Shoot your target, you kill the smile.

So basically, never say Cheese!
However silly this may sound, we've got the best snaps when they are candid. I am sure we all vouch for that.

For evidence, See one of my latest PRETEND-smile pic.

Now.. here's the real one..

you see what I'm saying.. the first one really doesn't even approve of me being a homo sapien.

So, as I preach, I will try and stick to it too, No more cheese for me please.. :)

Some of the no-cheese I could catch;


Anonymous said...

Absolutely True..agree 100% ! Guess what i have a family who stay with the wide grinned "Cheese Snap Pose"...even on handy cam videos.
What do you got to say for that :D

Dee said...

Haha.. So cute. on video cam.. that would actually be funny.. lol.. :)

I have some hilarious home videos of my lil cousins. planning to put those up in a while too. watch out for those! :)