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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The first scratch on my heart

Your first car.. your first assest.. your first pride.
I got mine a month ago. I was too busy horsing around in it.. to even write about it.
A-Star, ZXI. I debated with my brain and bank account to go for the top model coz' lets face it, you don't really buy these babies everyday.

The place where I live, is not exactly an ideal place for new cars.
The small-no-roads, the traffic jams, the U-Turn-railway-gate, the water tankers gushing past everywhere. The water tanker, one of those giants helped me get a nice big scratch right in the front of my new car.

People say, scratch is way better than having your headlight hanging out!! That's true.
I mourned the whole day about this inaugural phase of my car. It moved on fairly quickly from its infancy to adulthood. I like a parent, could only silently watch.

All said and done, now, my car is Bangalore-Road-certified.


Insignia said...

Congrats first of all! Superb choice for your first car.
Well let me tell you...I have felt the same when there was this scratch on my new car. Its even more sad when the mistake is on the other side and especially when its a cab or a truck driven by a driver who does not know the value of owning a sweetheart(the car here)..

A S said...

hey dee


Dee said...

Hey all you ppl are saying congrats.. ON first read I felt you said that for the Scratch! :|

Karthik said...

:) ... by the by whats the cost of it

Dee said...

4.6 on road :)