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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A gift with Love..

Sometimes, the biggest of surprises don't really get you going Yipee-Yayii (although we 'do' fake it ;) ). And, sometimes, the smallest of things make you hop around like a two year old.

Today one of my friends got me three dozen colorful sparkly glass bangles.

Now, there. In the beginning of a boring, routine, hectic day. I sat there at my desk, clinking clanking my glass bangles.

You know you don't find glass bangles that easily nowadays, the metal is in. And I have always had a thing for bangles. I myself have a huge collection. Which I rarely wear. But, when I wear them, I like to have my hands drowning in them.

I could picture myself like a little kid who'd been given a noisy toy to play around with, just to keep it engaged. I sat down working, smiling to myself, modelling with my hands as the little round pieces of glass sparkled up my day..

(You may ignore the tanning on the hand, Bangalore sun can even bake a cake nowadays).


A S said...

hi dee

biggest joy lies in little things!


Dee said...

You're right abt that.. :)