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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sleeping with a smile..

I woke up smiling today. At nine o' clock (I think I haven't done that late in ages!)!! \m/
Just that I took another crawling step towards completion of my PGDBA! So, I decided to spoil myself today. I needed to break out wild and paint the town red.
Well, not exactly..but, I still did my own bit. :)

1. I made Palak Paneer. No boasting but it not only looked stunning, it melted in my mouth as well. :D

2. I dressed up, rather dolled up. Which btw, din't last beyond point 3. /:|
3. I went over to Ayesha's place. We clicked some great pics of hers.
4. I went with Ayesha and Ashrita first to Commercial Streets.
5. Then to Brigades.
6. We ate orgasmic Dosa and Pulimunchi Chicken at Peco's. Although there were some bunch of weirdos around, I stuffed up to my throat before we left the place.
7. I came back and saw Ice Age Three. Super Cute movie for light fun & a hearty
laugh. Thanks Suchi for passing this on. I just love Sid the Sloth.

Another random, vague yet happy-incident-of-the-day was bumping into Prasad while on a traffic signal (which is not unusual in Bangalore Traffic you see), while he played a FLUTE (!???) Yes, that explains why I called it vague. LOL. I know, its not the description of my psychotic dreams, we just have a knack of bumping into each other at all odd times and MOSTLY peculiar situations. >:)

In general, I spent not a single minute of the day studying, which I think is after a couple of months. And I don't feel guilty about it ( I might just feel so tomorrow :| ).

Until then, signing out with a smile. :) Goo Goo


Suchitra said...

Good way to unwind !!! And you do deserve the break ;-)

Dee said...

Oh you sure do deserve it much more. :)