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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mooche ho to nathulal jaisi...

...warna ho hi na..

Recently my brother went for the clean shaven look. After being the object of ridicule for almost a week at his work, now we've grown used to the unpopulated area on his face.

I'd say you shouldn't consider swiping it clean in one shot unless you want to walk around covering your mouth for a while and have people reading your lips while you talk! So usually the strategic move of going from Heavy Mooch (Moustache) to No Mooch is PHASING IT OUT.
One day the Heavy-Mooch-Guy comes with a properly trimmed one.
Day Two its thinner than usual.
Day Three you ponder whether he always had a one-liner Mooch.
Day Four, you pass by The-Earlier-Heavy-Mooch-Now-Clean-Shaven Guy and wonder, he looks different doesn't he? :\

All a game of Optical Illusions, I would conclude.

But we all have to agree that a Moustache becomes a part of the identity. Its equivalent to a archetypal haircut or a typical beard or even model side burns! People start recognizing you with it. (Psst...they even keep your names to go with it). Although I do feel that a Moustache should be either all the way or no way. Just like my opinion about shoes, they should be either an absolute HIGH heels or a super flat sandal. No 50-50.

We were eating at Chowka, place known for hard-core Rajasthani food (authentic sumptuous food for just 100/- !! ) and Prasad wouldn't stop cracking up about the fact that some absolute Chikna guys in the Rajasthani attire were serving us the food! He wanted a huge curled-up Mooch on all of them to complete the look. Just like he wanted a French Beard for all the waiters at the French Quarters!! LOL.

This just makes me realize how much a small thing like moustache chip in to the guise of a person! I see it on myself when I haven't visited the parlor for a month! :{)

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