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Thursday, July 16, 2009


The digital clock on my comp strikes 4:50 P.M; I latch my drawer and sprint down the stairway. Only to find the ladies changing room clogged as usual.

The Aerobics class starts at five but almost as a silent agreement, the late arrival by me and my Instructor are always mutually exclusive. Besides, I feel its a much higher level "universal conspiracy" that the day I am the first one to arrive to the class, the session is invariably called off. X|

I think the last time we had this kind of rush to be in the front row was back in school. Of course, you get the best view of "yourself" in the MIRROR! YOURSELF. Although, its not a very pretty sight after precisely thirty minutes when watch your flushed face and legs & hands moving sinusoidal.

Another thing about my Instructor & me is, our level of telepathy. Yeah! Its just incredible how he knows which Body Part is in excruciating pain & INDEED decides to work on that EVEN MORE.
They say working those muscles will make them stronger. Yeah I will confirm on that when I rub the Moov on my sprains in the night!!

O.K. Done cribbing :) , its not AS BAD as it sounds. There are days when the instructor includes dance steps into the regime. It sure is a laugh riot. Watching the bunch of guys struggle. LOL. I know that's just being mean but, we gotta accept, girls can never be THAT bad.
What makes it worse is you almost start feeling heroic until you get a glimpse of yourself dancing while jumping on the Aerobic Stepper. You can only see a dancing Kangaroo.

Yet, all in all, I feel these sessions are good stress busters and I am sure most of us who have a daily workout session feel the same. And it doesn't bother me when I crawl outta the class sipping on water hydrating my body back to humanly critical levels.

(Yeah Right, I WISH we looked like THAT!! But, pic for representation purpose only :| )

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