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Monday, July 6, 2009

New-York New-York

Its four in the evening.
As they told in the Perk ad, "iske to chaar baj gaye" :|
Hunger pangs ripping my stomach apart.

All I can remember is; New York Cheesecake that I had last night at Desmonds.

The restaurant was packed at Sunday night with a mixed crowd and Mr. Desmonds asked us to wait outside. When we got the table, I almost galloped to it and I think it was attributed to the momentum gained by the rats rebelling in my tummy.

I was whining with hunger from afternoon and finally we had decided to eat out.
It was a long, long wait from the Murukku, to the Kurkure, to the Lime soda, to the starters...finally I think I might have passed out by the time the dinner was served.
I was woken up by the aroma of Tandoori Platter.
The main course followed it.

I must say, full marks to the Chicken Lasagna. Beautiful creation and so creamy that I think I almost had a tear with happiness. Of course on the rich side, but don't tell me you expect a diet-conscious lasagna! ;)

By the time I was stuffed till the top, Suchi ordered for the New York Cheesecake ( Oh did I mention the Chicken Lasagna was her pick! I love this girl for her food suggestions :) ) . She was swearing by the taste of it and told me I will love it too.

It was the taste of heaven. Just to get you guys in the mood and a glimpse of it, few pics I found to represent;

Don't they put a smile on your face?
It was Sandy's treat and God's gift to a famished belly.

I left the restaurant with Prasad, swaying happily, thinking, "Sundays are so sinful...and how much I love that" :)


J said...

i'm glad to have had my dinner when i read this post and the pics. they sure do look deeeelicious.

Dee said...

:D I swear.
But, I only watch these when I am waiting for lunch/dinner. That's the fun :)