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Thursday, June 25, 2009

BACHAO! Its my Self Defense Weapon!!

My lunch gang was spurting out food morsels while I cracked my concocted jokes on self defense. Basically, my funda was, Choose your self defense wisely. The discussion had started cause lunch-partner-1 said she was checking out the Pepper Spray which cost a bomb. The lunch-partner-2 was just gaping at the discussion. While, I described a scenario where the self defense weapon was a small knife. The knife was conveniently overpowered by the hooligan and used against the victim!

I declared, hands down, my weapon would be my nails and knee.

Well, firstly, no one can overpower those and take them away!
Secondly, I 'think' you can do ENOUGH damage with these.

Of course, this is a much more serious matter when it comes to reality. It takes alertness, care, precaution and perhaps a lot more. We hear and read every now and then girls being attacked by morons who usually target them because they're the weaker sex. That makes me wish sometimes that we could be the stronger, the taller and the mightier sex, so we could do some irreparable serious damage to those morons. X|

While learning Kalaripayattu, I learned from my teacher that the integral part of self defense is first, alertness (which comes with practice and focus) and secondly, a sound mind.
The sound mind is what will tell you the best option that you should pick at that split second. Many people misunderstand that self defense always means landing two flip kicks on the Bad-Guy. No. Self Defense means protecting yourSELF.
This may many a times mean, being wise, ducking the mugger and making a smart escape from the trouble scene! You're not proving to be a Hero by sticking around and getting few of your limbs mashed.

Especially for girls, who will rarely be able to fight back and overpower, things to REMEMBER:
1. You are EQUIPPED. Use your nails, teeth, feet. Kick and scratch like-never-before.
2. Scream! Gather as much as attention as possible.
3. Remember, the person infront of you is human too. He WILL feel pain. Target the wise areas, you know!
4. Nose, Eyes, Ears, Throat. Remember, Serious damage to be done.

So as I sip on my bed-time-tea, I looked up more stuff on Self Defense.
I came across this hilarious video which I would recommend all of you to watch.

Cheers Girls, go kick some butt!

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