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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The smallest words in the print ad.
The fastest spoken words in any advertisement on radio.
The part that is mostly faded away in between transition of two scenes.
That's the **Conditions Apply Statement. You will never hear it, see it or know it. That's how you should recognize it.

I saw this irritating-wonderful-cheap-yet-magnetic tactic in the U.K. and now here as well.
The price tag said, 2 POUNDS! I galloped to that aisle and grabbed my loot. Smirked to myself at my catch. Marched to the cash counter and patted my back in my thoughts. Until, the billing machine beeped 20!! Placing my eye-balls back into their sockets, I grabbed that outfit back from the cashier and gaped at the price-tag. It said, 2 POUNDS!! (off). And in the minutest font I have ever seen was printed...20 Pounds.

That moment on. I stopped believing in offers. Although, I have always been the suspicious sorts. The ones, who never believe in offers, discounts, sales, Buy N Get N etc. I get lured to them anyway. (Remember, I am a girl! :) )
I am sure we all come across this tactic almost EVERY single day in every shop. We run to check it out, we buy the stuff, we crack the code and we think to ourselves, "Who's smart now?"

Now come on, whom are we kidding?
Why would a business man give you things for free! There's gotta be something in it for him. Unless, he's the reincarnation of Danveer Karna

So, I have decided. (From now on, I will not go for such offers.
That's what you may THINK I would say. But, no. :) )

I will go these so-called-sales. Obviously.
I will also run to the aisles with the loudest colorful fonts.
I will grab my kitty from all the cheapest bargains as WELL.
But, I will be much more patient when I abuse the store for how they cheated me into buying all that.

**Dying to see this movie! :D


Suchitra said...

LOL ! so true.. most of these sales are con jobs..
i've been wanting to read the shopaholic series of books.. guess i'll catch up with the movie !

Dee said...

Hehe. yea. Knowing me....I'd definitely go for the movie. Who's got the time to read. :|

Dee said...
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VISHAL said...

You should start thinking of writing a book. who knows may be an inheritance of loss is in the making