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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Vada Pav Weather..

I remember when I was visiting my sister in U.K. for the short and sweet duration of eight days; I couldn't help but beg for spicy food in that cold misty weather.

Its something about the rains and the mist that makes your palette beg for the Indian Spices. My theory of Glutton is, you need that hot spice to keep you warm in the cold. :)

True or not, its the most practiced ritual in India. The most common dialogue on the advent of rains, "Chai and Pakodey ho jaaye (Let's gobble Tea and Pakode). Wherein, majority of the fellow Indians are referring to the droolicious Onion Pakodas.

The heavenly cousin of this rain-time snack is the Vada Pav. Infamous for the sinful indulgence all the way from Pune, Mumbai.

Lately, Vada Pav have been making flashes in front of my eyes in many forms. I went to the cafeteria after the gruesome workout in the Aerobics class. There they were. Stacked up all pretty on the counter with those fried green chillies and the copyright green chutney. (Is this fair? :| )

Will power prevailed and I got back at my desk. An old edition of newspaper loiters in front my eyes (a coincidence...) speaking about how India's famous delicacies are world famous and making people weak in the knees. On top of the list, there was a glorified picture of, You KNOW WHAT!

I mean, what has a girl gotta do to resist the temptation.

Now, its raining. I haven't had a work out. Still, I am hungry and all I can see is the following images dancing in front of my pupils;


gopalakk said...

I have not eaten much in almost a day. And here I see the nice pics of tasty Vada Pav!!! Not fair!!!

Suchitra said...

So did you eat one finally ??

Dee said...

i know!! Exactly my POINT!
NOT FAIR... :|

P.S. I will tell you when I do justice to the situation :D

Dee said...

No Suchi.. i Dint :|

But, the time is near...something in my stomach tells me that.. ;)