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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Catching up on Ketchup

I have heard of people eating all sorts of things with Ketchup.
They love Ketchup. They can't do without it. They even have Facebook communities to prove their die-hard love for it.

I like Ketchup, more lovingly known as Tomato Sauce here.
Although I will have to be sedated and fed in order to have combination like ice cream with ketchup etc. Nevertheless, I do prefer to make my fries swim in the pool of ketchup.

There are these debates on which Ketchup brand is the best. People would seriously come down to fight in the ally to make their brand win, or at least that's how serious they sound about discussing this topic.

To me, as long as it tastes like Ketchup. It will do. :)
And this DOES NOT include that weird orange-jam-paste-semi-solid-fly-clad sauce which our cafeteria used to offer. That is plain obnoxious.
I do have a liking for Maggi, Hot and Sweet Tomato Chilli sauce, cause, It's Different!

I remember how I would love to toy around with Ketchup as a kid. Mom would make Upma (also known as; Rava, Khara Bhath, Suji) and it would be playtime. I would make an Igloo, a train, a hut or even a stick figure. Dot the eyes, windows, wheels with Ketchup. Used to be good fun to eat it an hour later, not for poor Mom though.

Now, I have to act grown up. So obviously I cannot play with food. So, I just limit myself to doodling with remnants of Ketchup on plate. It sure is fun :D Try it some day. Few samples to start off with;

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