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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First time always hurts.. real bad.

ANYTHING. An emotion, an act or a routine. First time, is what you will always remember.

Today, I lost my phone. Just like that. I had it one moment and before I realized, it was gone. It didn't hurt because it was expensive or it was my favorite color. It hurt because I would save all these messages on it which meant a lot to me.
Maybe now, they would make some sense to someone who will read them as well.

I remember when my sister first lost her phone. It was Dad's gift to her.
She called me up from the phone booth, weeping. I laughed at her childish behavior. Now, I know it was mean to do so.

As Prasad said, its like losing a friend. A close one. Although he's lost it many times now, I guess you do feel bad every time it happens. Sometimes, its just the hassle of putting together all the phone numbers that gets you low. He felt really miserable when he lost his phone for the first time. I guess after that he just felt worse because I felt bad for him as well. So, then I decided that I won't feel bad about it. After all, nothing is bigger than the smile of a person you love.

Being an organized person hits you all the more in a situation like this. You cant come to terms with something as simple as a case of lost key/phone/wallet. But then, now as I write, I realize that these are the things we take for granted the most. Like our loved ones, we adore them, we value them, we see them every day; but we DO eventually grow used to them. Just that we realize their impact in our lives only when they are not around us.

I will surely miss my turquoise colored Nokia. Hope it got more useful to someone than it did to me.

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