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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Blue BAR Lady...

TAKE FIVE. That's the place I visited this weekend.
Its a bar-restaurant-hang out joint on 100 Ft. Road, Indiranagar, right above coffee day.

First thing you CAN'T miss noticing is the CROWD. Jesus! Whole of Bangalore is out here, if not on the roads causing traffic. And yes, I became one of them :)
We got a seat immediately and bumped into not just one pair of friends, but two! (Psst...See, told ya, B'lore is here)

Its pretty much dark in there. People sit, drink and drink. Yeah, that's not a typo. There WAS nothing to EAT except appetizers. I was starving and my brain was already caught up in mirages of burgers and kababs. Being a non-drinker didn't help keep me occupied either.

I swear I could have eaten the beautiful glasses hanging on the bar but at that moment Prasad got down to distracting me. He's always so good at that. He asked me to go click pictures around. Sounds funny, at least it did to me. How can I go and click pictures while people sit and chat around me!?

Despite my hundred cries, I was pushed out of my cozy sofa-niche by him and left stranded in the ocean of people . :S

I walked down to the bar. Two men stood there whipping out the cocktails and mocktails. The drinks looked simply "B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L". Decorated by amusing Stirrers, delicate garnishes and colorful liquids.

The Bartenders were swiftly bringing out these yummy concoctions and lining them up on the bar. My camera swung into action. Sharing some of them for you as well. Don't miss the Blue-Bar-Lady pic, I christened this name for her cause it caught my eye.

Then we got down to our usual mindless fun. Prasad does his "expressions" while I give him the "moods" and he spins out these hilarious faces. He almost reminds me of Jim Carrey. Adarsh, Prasad's (and now mine as well) good friend was also engulfed into this circus.

I had just tormented them enough when I was captivated by the overpowering smell of Chicken. My Chicken Momos had arrived!! :D

To end it, I must say, if not for the drinks and a fun time, you should go to this place for their Chicken Momos. Outta-the-world I SAY!


gopalakk said...

Love the Pics. They are great, as always. :-) One thing bothers me though. If you were going out with your significant other to a bar, I would expect you to dress well and "accessorize". (I remember those huge earrings and bracelets.) But to strap a Digital SLR around your neck is kinda taking it too far. :-P

Dee said...

Haha. Karthi you're FUNNY.
Of course I did go dressed well..Just that SLR completes it. :D
Besides, my pics would've been out of context, so I did not put em up. ;)

J said...

Take5, if i'm not mistaken is now a jazz bar right. Oh how I miss the bangalore days.