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Monday, June 8, 2009

Playing HARD on the HAIR!?

This is one topic I did lot of survey on.
I moved in to Bangalore around eight years ago. Since then I've "progressively" gotten BALD. I know that would be an exaggeration to the current state, but lets face it buddies my head shines now.

Not only is it heart shattering but rather EMBARRASSING when lock of hair just comes in your hand while stroking it (pssst...that's a different tale of how you try to sneak them away in a miniature roll!)

There it was, Sherlock on duty.

I asked my lunch gang about it, my mom, dad, my friends, Prasad. EVERYONE agreed, I knew it, it had to be, H20.

I would NEVER given in to fiction and myths being the Miss. Practically-prove-it-to-me. So I Googled. So, there WERE people like me who complained of hair loss ever since they got to Bangalore, infact to South India.

Victims: Age group 20-30.

Residents? : Mostly people moved in to South India lately.

Symptoms: Hair comes into your hand more swiftly than sweat being wiped off your forehead. Some complained of itch and irritation on scalp as well.

Throw-off-the-track clues: Many people said they grew up all their lives using hard water. So, that couldn't be the reason. It has got to be the bad diet/stress/lack of proteins/hormones - chemical locha (as said Munnabhai).

This suspect was getting more interesting by the minute.

I knew for a fact that the water coming in our house was Hard. AS A ROCK. Funny to sound, not-too-good to taste. When I checked with other victims, they agreed to this hardness as well!

Now Sherlock jotted down all points together.
1. I could proudly say, I had a balanced diet.
2. Stress? : Facebook quiz said I just have 22% stress ;) . But jokes apart, I think I am pretty well-balanced-stressed.
3. I sleep well over 7 hours.
4. No chemical locha's (known to me as of now :) )

Thus, EUREKA: It HAD to be the hard water. A study said that the excessive minerals in the hard H20 tend to deposit on scalp over longer durations, sometimes causing irritation and dryness. Over due course of time, this also causes hair loss. Plus, a BIG factor that may add to it is using hot/luke warm water on hair.
As any other disease/pain/sickness/allergy, this is not applicable to EVERYONE, but to MOST.

Now, as they say, agreeing on a problem is not the solution, its just the first step. So the solution?

1. Everyday eat 15 soya beans soaked overnight.
2. ALWAYS use cold water on hair. Not even luke warm.
3. Boil the water previous night when you intend to wash your hair. This will cause sedimentation and use this cleaner/softer water on your hair the next day.

Of course, you need follow other disciplinary acts like, good sleep, proper food, putting end to torturing your hair with straightening, coloring, perming, dying etc., over-use of oil (Trust me, you just need to enhance circulation in scalp, do that with your fingers moving in circular motion. The whole oil business is overrated).

So all the best! Cherish those lovely locks!

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