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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tough times call for Rough jokes..

Just do a Google on that word and see the VARIOUS links and explanations that show up. Its mind boggling.
That just shows, How, for every person its a different definition altogether.
Somehow, I just feel that sometimes this whole recession thing is just twisted to suit our own version.

The tailor proudly says, its recession, so people are coming to him, as they can't afford branded stuff.
The petrol bunk guy says, its horrible, people are car-pooling and saving becoz of the recession!
The maid says, its recession, so she needs more payment. :\ ( I did ask why, she says cause all the prices are now going up. I still couldn't put the two pieces together).
The investment adviser says, its recession, don't invest in mutual funds. Rather go for insurance schemes. ( I thought its the right time to invest. Becoz the market WILL go UP. Right? Right? )
Boy! The EGGS are more expensive. Now I gotta think before I crack that shell every morning for breakfast. How'd that happen?! They say, its a long story all the way from the hen's feed to the poultry to the truck that carries eggs... to the petrol that drives the truck etc. etc.

And while I ponder, I come across this email forward;

Subject: Economic Slowdown....It was a Hard decision

On the impulse, I smiled to myself. Silly humor.

Then, it hit me somewhere, thinking about the same in our context. Obviously not that we'd sunny-side-up our kids. But, the fact that a such natural & crucial phase of life is now decided by an economic slowdown. Something that my parents always told me was God's blessing only, is now a Financial Checkpoint. Silly, but true. :)


nishitak said...

not very silly, when you think of all the assorted expenses that can consume you...

definitely a recession is not the best time for having kids, especially if it is a single-income family.

Dee said...

You're right. So True. Its silly to me because I never realized this when we were 'the' kids. How we were planned. Especially, what if you don't explicitly plan! Or, what if you're a single earning member and you already have kids!

Becoz we can never know that this "recession" is just a phase? Or, is it an era that is just beginning. :)

Suchitra said...

yeah so true.. i've heard many people use the excuse of "recession" for totally irrelevant things ! Guess thats the way human mentality is- exploit the current phenomenon

Dee said...

It infact somehow reminds me of the movie Delhi-6. Where they talk about the infamous Kala-Bandar incidence in Delhi. Its totally revolving around the fact that how people twist the facts to suit their own situations.