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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Belly Dancing. That's been center of my conversation for the last two weeks now.
One of my friends, (not to mention, a hot looking babe ;) ) told me that she's been going for them here in namma Bengaluru!

(Pic for Representation only :) )

Being a die-hard fan of dancing, this form of dance has obviously always got a lot of attention from me. Not to mention the grace and beauty that it integrates which are the epitome of a woman. So after I came back home that day, I looked up on the net about this enticing art form.

Some facts that rung a bell or two in my head:

1. My first encounter of a beautiful lady doing the shaky thing was when I had SNEAKED in on a scene from James Bond's "The Man With The Golden Gun" where this belly dancer Saida uses a spent bullet fitted into her navel as an ornament, which Bond accidentally swallows while trying to retrieve it from her. LOL. I found the same on Wiki! WOW. The facts you find on net.

2. This dance was ORIGINALLY from Iraq. But, I wasn't completely wrong about Arab being a major contributor as well. They are next in line along with Egypt for the best Belly dancers in the world.

3. Men do belly dance TOO!! Now Prasad won't be disappointed after all. (Yayii).

4. A single session of Belly Dancing class is not just a great cardiovascular exercise, it burns almost 400 calories as well. Not bad at all.

5. This would be the icing of the cake for MiLadies;
- Helps ease Menstruation troubles. Say Bye-Bye to Best Friend troubles.
- Makes you ready for GENTLE child birth! ( I don't know HOW GENTLE 'can' it getting a human out of you be, nevertheless, worth a try ;) )

6. SHAKIRA is listed as our SUPERSTAR for Latino-American belly dancer. Yeah, we do need to give her some credit, she's not only revived this art form, she's also professionally trained in it unlike Mallika Sherawat doing the Anything-But-Belly-Dancing in song 'Maiya Maiya' from the movie Guru. Just look at her; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrhxBsHkaNk.

And yes, P.S. A huge Jelly Belly is NOT a pre-requisite for joining these classes, unlike what was told to me by Prasad. :\


Carol said...

Then I'll take a Rain check on this one ... almost got my hopes up until i read the last bit :/

J said...

male belly dancers??? now that's a first.

nishitak said...

can you post some details about the class? you planning to go? do write about the actual dance experience :)

Dee said...

@Carol: O Hehe..No No.. I said its not a must, but if you do possess one, it will surely benefit ;)

@J : Yeah! They even had a picture of them in Wiki

@Nishitak: You might want to check out Sanaz Dance Studio, Bangalore on Google. :D And yes, I intend to visit them sometime next month once my MBA exams are over :) I will definitely write and shoot! :)