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Sunday, September 28, 2008


A Hug; Wikipedia says, is a form of physical intimacy that generally involves closing or holding the arms around another person or group of persons. The hug is one of the most common human signs of love and affection, along with ....etc etc.
You can see the whole definition at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hug with some pretty descriptive Forms of hugs. ;) Some VERY familiar ones would be the Pound hug; " Hey dude!" guyish hug,
... and THAT is not it.. :)

The Bear Hug; You MUST have seen this in WWF, the wrestling one. Better not try that at home ;o)

Thinking on the same lines, I had caught this hilarious episode in Seinfeld where Jerry and George are waiting at the airport for Jerry's friend, discussing how Jerry should interpret how the woman will greet him. If she shakes his hand it's bad, says George. If she hugs him, that's good( like Wohoww good ;) )...Just so long as it's a proper hug and not the 'shoulders touching but the hips are eight feet apart' hug.
Finally, the way she does it, its worth watching...
Since childhood, Hug for me has been an integral part of life. We have always been a huggy- huggy family. Always hugging. {))} <-- Thats symbol for hugging on SMS, I guess most of the SMS-addicts would know.
But as I grew, the various forms of hugs that I came across were actually quite amusing!

1. The Friends-in-college hug; you really dint know HOW long to continue the procedure? Who goes first? Do you hug every friend? Or just the ones who first make the move? Quite complicated. Just glad that phase is over.

2. The Aunty-in-weddings hug; a. You are caught without notice, b. you really don't know WHY? Why you? c. You stand their like a pillar, smiling, not knowing if you should too put your arms around or just be her pillar of support. Waiting...for it to be over with passage of time. This one, I will never get to know.
3. The Kiss supplemented hug; I never felt I would be the type of girl who'll kiss her gal pals when they meet up for shopping. You know the kinds! Not me...
But, with time, I did that too. This one is like a custom, then a ritual, then a habit, it grows on you. :)
4. Then of course, The Memorable ones;

5. The Senti meeting-parents hug; Now that we've been staying away from parents. That precious hug when we meet, or part, says it all...

6. The "Excuse Me! Stranger"-Hug; Apart from these people you get comfortable with, a hug from just anyone is not appreciated. Well, you don't want any random individual jumping into your space bubble. With common consesus, this holds good for everyone. Even my Lizzy. She expresses that by growling back.

(this is just for representation, courtesy Google Search results)

Well, I won't really snarl, but, end up going with the flow with a forced smile. :o\

(this is just for representation, courtesy Google Search results)

So, take my advice, the next time you plan on going for this physical act; run through the above checklist in your head and make sure you're not in one of those creepy ones.


Suchitra said...

Nice one ! >:D<

Dee said...

Hehe.. Thanks Suchi :)

John Smith said...

I never put so much thought into the concept of hugging. Nice entry.


Dee said...

:) Thanks John.. Its hard to avoid thinking about it when it happens to occur too frequently around u :D