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Friday, September 26, 2008

JUST .. another ..Saturday..

Good old stress-tested alarm snoozed for the fifth time, begging me to get up..
Why should I? I still have time. I had made half of the things for my tiffin last night itself.

Hey! wait a minuuute, today's saturday.. I dont NEED tiffin.. aaaaaaaaah.. More sleep.

Maid came in a little too late herself. On workdays, that would have meant greeting her with a twisted smile, but now, I just smiled, with an unspoken consent, its Saturday!

The routine started, the ritual of ginger tea for others, simultaneously, the vegetables being cut, while the milk boils. Straining the tea I realized, what all things I had to get done, the kitchen looked unusually greasy, the clothes stack for ironing seemed monsterously large. The fingerprints on the fridge seemed to pinch into my eyesight. Better got started with the breakfast and the lunch preparations. Where did all those cobwebs come in the porch from!?? Arrrrrrrghh...The dining table also could also use some..hmmmm...its gonna be a Long day.

Surprisingly, the long To-Do list got over by ten. :O

Now what.

Thought of giving myself some MY-TIME. Did that too. SMSed all friends waking them up. No reply. I guess its not even morning for them yet.

The newspaper seemed to be interesting today. Although depressing stuff in the first page itself. Well, thats usually most of the days. Looked at the watch. Has it stopped??? Nope. Working just fine. Its never THIS slow when the alarm is snoozed in the morning.

Walked down to the tailor, for some pending work. Whiled away time gaping at other customers there. Walked back.


Finally, I get to watch some TV.



SOMEHOW, at THIS particular twilight zone hour, NOTHING worthwhile seems to be coming! On the contrary, when I have some work on hands, the programme which I have waited for all my life, seems to be on air!

I guess its a day I asked for, a Realxed Saturday, a Relaxed Saturday with no work.

But, somehow, it just doesnt seem to do the trick, does it. :/

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