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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Impatient Patient

Have you experienced those few frustrating moments while you wait before the microwave door, as it beeps, beeps, beeps, beeps. So that you can barge in and get your food out of it. Why did they have to make those Four beeps! Why not the conventional oven-type Ting! and voila..you can grab your food.

Is it just me or everyone is lost in those Two Whole minutes you put the conditioner in your hair and you really don't know what to do in the mean time, coz;
1. you're in the bathroom,
2. you're cold and
3. you're pretty much not in a condition to do anything else but stare at the walls, any cob webs present or the imperfections in your physique.

Its pretty much the same feeling that runs through my head when I have a mouth-watering, steaming hot delicacy in front of me and I gotta wait for it to cool-down enough to be gobbled down my mouth. I don't know what else to do in those few fractions of seconds, not try to eat it, look elsewhere-well thats not possible :) , eat it anyway and suffer with tongue burns for next two days. I do the last one, you see, I have the problem of an impatient patient.

The Impatient Patient; who is in the hospital. She was ill. But now she's Ok. Nevertheless, doctors refuse to let her out of the hospital. She feels absolutely normal. She begins to wonder if the doctors love giving her those sickening medicines, or maybe its the nurses who love administrating those painful IV into her veins. It could be the latter you see, sadistic pleasure. Hard to believe, I know, but could be true. Or, its just those house-keeping maids who love cleaning up her garbage everyday. Nah, they couldn't be the villians. If at all, they are the victims here. Don't think she's paranoid. She's just impatient. You know.

Anyway, this Impatient Patient begs the doctor for her discharge from the hospital, on every pretext and likes to believe she is fighting fit. She tells all her in-mates about how well she is feeling and that she doesn't belong to the hospital at all!
Finally, she is discharged.
She comes home.
She is at peace now. And thinks, Ok, great, now what?


Meera said...

That was like a variety entertainment!..Nice thinking and completely agree with u...
I am a total foodie..so when Im in front of the oven..I just think of food!..But Oh!..I am not so crazy about food to burn my tongue instead I find some way to cool it faster!..
And when I have conditioner on my hair nowadays,I think of all the assignments I have to complete and think of which subject to tackle first...coz right now I upto the brim with assignments!!..
anyway..take care........of ur tongue ;)

Dee said...

Thanks Meera. Thats a good thought about trying to figure out way to cool it fast. hmmmmm....makes SENSE!

The only thing I can do when I have the conditioner on my head is see how much hair loss I have and that makes me feel all the more worse about my situation at that moment!

All the best with your assignments. Hope you get them done in a blink :)

Abhishek said...
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Abhishek said...

Hi Deepti,
Read your blog. The tongue burns can also happen when you are not used to drinking hot tea or coffee but people around you are and then you try to match pace with them.

Writing style is good but I'm a critic.

Ahishek Kumar Sinha

Dee said...

Hi Abhishek,
Feedback is always welcome!
Thanks for going through my blog!