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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Untouchable Vs The Touchable

Water we ALL know is the universal element, blah, blah.
But the most fascinating thing about this fluid is how we love it as well as discriminate against it. All depends on WHERE the H2O is! So basically the "situation" in which it is present decides what respect it receives from us.

The water (although salty) coming from our eyes; and you see your friend wiping it for you. Nevertheless, the poor salty water lost its way and came outta your nose...God forbid, wipe it yourself Snoty!!

We ALL know how much we need that precious water in our bathrooms, right? We pray in the public bathrooms..."Dear God, let the water last atleast until I am done!!". Don't we? And BANG! The very next second, the underprivilaged water on the floor becomes our object of despise and we go.."Good Lord! Why are people so gross, spilling water on the floor!"
To the extent, that in my house, we loathe this untouchable water so much that we've kept the "Mop Rule". Anyone who bathes or, spills any water, MUST wipe off that forbidden fluid off the floor. No exceptions.

We have managed to remarkably divide the same fluid into The Touchable one and The Untouchable one. We do this discrimination ALL the time. But recently one thing, put me into a major fix. I was viewing this show on TV about what all people do to collect water for survival. Now, I am not sure if this was a mockery or what, because, they DID say, do not try at home!!

These two young..ummm..should I say researchers? ...They were trying to convince the audience that the human Urine, yes, you read that right, the human Pee, is 80% water, pure water, so that can be consumed, if the other 20% is removed!!
Thats easy. So they just showed a tiny experiment where the Urine is heated and the vapours are collected into a container. They did Cheers and gulped it down. Thats H2O for you!! :)

Now, Ok. I agree, science is science. We DO have scientific reasoning for everything.
Science says; Pee-Bad things=Water. It must be true! I believe in science. In fact, maybe some day we will be SO short of touchable water that we would be doing this experiment as a part of our routine life, in our kitchen maybe.

Nevertheless, I prefer to believe, thats far far far away in future.
And all said and done, No Thanks! But, I can't raise my toast to Pee. :

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Kiran Kumar said...

Touchable or Untouchable, it is pure at any point of time. whether it is urine or some mixture of chemical.But yes it gets contaminated as other things because of chemical nature.

Science always tries to prove that everything is pure, simple & beautiful.Scientists do their research in the pursuit of truth & beauty.