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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Hair-Do Metamorphosis

Somehow, any hair-do has never been The One for me.
When you're a kid. Your hair is pretty much your mother's territory. She decides what looks good on you. Rather, what is worth-keeping or chopping.
My entire infancy went as a small boy. As you can see in my previous posts, I was a boy wearing a hair band! Well, I guess the little girl in me, wanted to do that stuff, be it, minus the hair. I'd say it was "cute" though. Although someone told me once that "cute" meant, ugly but adorable. Now, I wouldn't really argue on that here. ;)

Nevertheless, over the years I grew, my hair grew too. I had my own chance of R&D in that department as well. By the end of teens, I had tried cutting my hair, growing it, coloring it (twice; burgundy and brown), straightening it and curling it. So you see, I am quite a learned in that domain.
But, teen years also taught me some memorable lessons that these things were not really THAT good for hair as they claimed in the ads! I remember I had many stories to tell through those times, which usually sounded like;

"..Malaika Arora's burgundy hair DID sparkle when she walked that carpet in the ad.. I got the color, alright. Where the he** is the sparkle?"

"...That Simone Singh told in her ad; Try karke Dekho! I took her word for it. AND?
...She didn't say what happens next ! I am still trying to figure out!!"
"...I got those curls right. Neverthless, they say; you gotta feel the pain to gain. Oh I did feel the pain piercing through my skull into my brain in the form of those curlers giving me sleepless nights."

".. My Straightened hair was a hit. So I don't really care about that little burn I got all over my ear from the straightening rod...my straight hair should hide it. :) "

Years have gone by but my quest for the perfect hair-do has still not gotten over.
Just looking through my yester years' pics is so much fun seeing what all stunts have been tried on my head. Aamir Khan's ad said, you should never resemble your passport size photo for more than 3 yrs! I can beat that. I have the photographic evidence too!!

I dug out my 1st standard onwards passport size photographs (obviously, some really non-viewable links in the series have been voluntarily censored ;) ) .

Nevertheless, scan the Hair-do Metamorphosis for yourself :) ( I know some of them make it hard to believe that its ME. Well, all I can say is every Frog was once a Toad. :) )
--> --> --> -->

--> --> --> -->
--> --> -->-->

-->And the search goes on :)


Suchitra said...

Hilarious ! you look nice in most of the Dos.. and I have always envied your hair, its the type you can style it the way you want !! look at mine, a flourishing forest! hehe :D

Dee said...
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Dee said...

Hehe. Comawn. You have the volume that many ppl envy!

And you dont understand, Freedom to style it anyway makes the situation worse! .. for my hair! :D

Insignia said...

Awesome...you wrote what all ladies have in their mind...

gopalakk said...

Exactly, what was on your mind when you tried http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_YjbRKk2nQHc/SMixtJGhCYI/AAAAAAAAADU/PspvMcUYjAM/s1600-h/22-5+years.JPG :-D

Dee said...

Haha.. Karthi.. the same thing i had in mind while getting ALL of them done.. (except for th first obviouslyyy!) .. the quest for THe ONE!