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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is it twelve o clock yet!??

It was birthday of a person very dear to me.
As usual, by the time the clock struck ten, my eyelids were carrying the weight of 10 sand bags. I managed to not look at the watch for an hour.
I just had to do it. Wish at SHARP twelve.
Saw a little bit of TV. All talk show hosts started to hypnotize. Every direction seemed to lead to the bed. I gave in. Set the alarm on my phone for fifteen minutes to twelve. I can almost swear that I was snoring before I touched the pillow.
Trust me, every blood cell of mine blessed me and got lost into deep slumber. I slept like a baby cuddling up with a doll. Just that my phone played the doll.
But, no. If only things could be that simple.
My subconscious brain was screaming its recital..Is it twelve O clock YET? Is it twelve O clock YET??

Alarm rang. Snoozed it.
Alarm rang again. Snoozed it again.

Brain: Wake up.
Me: I'm trying to force open one eyelid..wait..

Brain: WAKE UP.
Me: OMG! I have Ten Whole Minutes to go!

Brain: WAKE up!
Me: I think just five minutes would have past..

Brain: WAKE UP!!!!!
Me:I.. I... I....

I accepted my defeat to this conspiracy of the Brain and the Alarm. Gave a call. Guess what! I was the first one to wish. I was so glad I made it that we started off with a little chat about what's next, what plans for birthday and before I knew it was twelve!! *<:D
Spoke for around ten minutes.
And yeah, by the time I hung up...FINALLY, I wasn't sleepy anymore.


gopalakk said...

Awwwww. :-) How cute.

Dee said...

Hehe.Thanks Karthi. :)

Meera said...

Yes..I have gone through the same situation myself!!..
Infact I am so sleepy that its hard for me to keep my eyes open even on My birthday!!

Dee said...

Trust me Meera, on my last birthday, my best friend called me up at SHARP TWELVE. And in my dizzy state I thought its the alarm ringing and I shut it off and went back to sleep.
Next day I had much more to face than just birthday bumps. ;)