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Friday, August 8, 2008

Custard-Apple Burp

One more cup of tea and I will feel much better. Or so I thought when the fever started shooting up again that day. It had to be Bangalore’s erratic climate or just plain food poisoning, perhaps. Something didn’t feel right about those inexorable fever bouts and well, the not-so-pleasant burps.

My thoughts where honked back to presence while the moron behind us blew his blasting horn. Excuse the profanity, but the wretched and persistent headaches had got the best of me. Still, my brain refused to agree that “I” might be hospitalized. Hospital; to me, just meant my dad’s work place or, somewhere other people went, when they were ill. Not me, I am born to a family of doctors, you see.

We reached hospital at midnight. Got blood tests done. Got admitted. I was found to be carrying the notorious bacterium Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi. I know! Sounds like a scary one and causes, Enteric Fever or better known to us as Typhoid.
Well, now that I google-d on this ailment, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typhoid_fever, I seem to have had ALL those symptoms!

The fact that the doctors try to “hide” your illness from you, makes it look worse than it actually is. I was hospitalized for about a fortnight and trust me, when the fever wasn’t bothering I looked hail and hearty as ever! To the extent, that I had to see my IV drips to remind me that I was still there. But then, I did not really have strength to move a limb so I wouldn’t know otherwise.

The worst moments were only when I realized my appetite was dead :(! It aches right in the left chest, to imagine a person of my eating caliber, have NO appetite. Despite of my small frame, I have left a “lot” people gaping at my plate. I was asked to eat light, simple and boiled food to save some agony to my digestive system. So I decided, anything to get done with it!

Nevertheless, God’s favorite child got out of the hospital and now is on its way to recovery. :) I was welcomed back to office a month later, with my same half filled cup of tea, with all sorts of colorful vegetations in it.

It put a silly grin across my face while I just burped (excuse me) 'cause hey, custard apple shake did taste good at lunch! I’m back in the game! :)

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