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Monday, August 25, 2008

Twenty-five bucks for Two Aloo Paranthas!!?? My Gawwd!

I know! I can't help it. Thats the current market price.

With that sentence, my gasping Ma shoved Yet another parantha into my plate. You see, my household has had paranthas as integral to the menu, as salt to food.

We have never believed in the outside food. Or so we have been brought up to believe. Everything that is there in the market, can be produced in our kitchen. Now, I will HAVE to give the credit for the authenticity of that fact seeing the list of paranthas alone!!

We are offered;

1. Aloo Parantha (Potato)

2. Gobi Parantha (Cauliflower)

3. Paneer Parantha (Cottage Cheese)

4. Mooli Parantha (Raddish)

5. Gaajar Parantha (Carrot)

6. Pyaaz ka Parantha (Onion)

7. Methi Parantha (Umm, what's this called in English? : Basically the end product is a soft green-brown parantha, topped with a soft boat of butter, side-lined with a scoop of yoghurt and cream.Is that drool in my mouth?)

8. Dal Parantha (Lentils; there are too many different lentils! Result; different colored paranthas! + the previous description :D )

9. Then My fav; Cheese Parantha :)

10-21 Ok. Lets not even get STARTED on the "modified" ingredient stuffings. The above ones are the "plain, straight-forward" ones.

So you'll have to agree on the variety my Lady Chef has worked out to keep her kids from eating the nasty food from outside. Leave alone eating, she has managed to engrave the fact into our brains that, outside food is equal to trash..pure trash. OUTSIDE FOOD~=TRASH.

Starting from Pizzas, Chinese cuisine, North-indian tandoori stuff, South-indian grand meals...she offers it all. To the extent we have named our kitchen; Mummy da Dhaba. The drool-provoking, feel-good scents have had us go beyong limits of hunger. Trust me when I say that. The amazing aromas from The Mummy Dhaba have our nosy neighbours also asking what the Heck is cooking! Thanks to her exhaust fan.

While I finish my post, its already luncheon time...Bhindi Fry (Roasted Lady's Finger) and Raita (Curd with seasoning & cut cucumbers) on its way!

Bon Appetit' . :)


Meera said...

Yummmm..thats mouth watering indeed!!..
wish my mom too had so much time...we are totally "trash" dependent ;)

Dee said...

Hehe. Aww. But the irony is; we LOVE trash. Right!