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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Blog Shri-Ganesh..

When the whole Blog thing came up, it took me a while to understand how people can "openly" express themselves! With even Laloo ji starting his own blog and people from the Bwood becoming top bloggers, I was REALLY forced to think what the whole deal was about?

To be honest, my grey cells were put to work on this only recently. I wrote an article in my office's newsletter and interested people began asking me for "the url of my Blog". Hmmm...So now people made it sound like a You-are-from-iceage-if-you-don't-have-it thing. Grey cells put in a fix.

Now looking back, I did have a horde of write-ups but I never thought of a Blog. After a number of times of opening & closing of this page, I decided to do Shri-Ganesh of my "own" blog. :)

Some of them are my prior articles, some close to my heart, some just plain thoughts, I would love to see your comments / feedback on these! Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I loved jotting them down. Happy reading.

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Subhramani said...

Whazzzaaa... Welcome to the world of bloggers (some place where I really dont belong to :D).

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