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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Moms will be Moms

M.O.M / Mom - Who would have invented this word? M-O-M...

Maybe someone who wanted to address "Mother" was going by the rhyming of S.O.S. ! I mean, they literally convey the same message!! From cleaning poop, to helping cut nails, to tying shoe lace, to endless times of spoon feeding; the lady does everything, you see. Thats why when a kiddo falls ill, its her who ends up with the racoon eyes.

Now, the most incredible feature of the M.O.M. is that she always believes that her offspring is The Most stunning creation by God, even though the little ugly duckling is fluttering right in front of her. Take me for an example, till date, my M.O.M. votes for my two-year-old portrait of mine than my present-day-hey-gudlukin'-kinda picture. See for yourself,
Me then...
Me now, with M.O.M;

You know the other fascinating characteristic of the M.O.M is her methodology of bringing up her duckling. She'll feed it-even if it's half asleep, clean its ears...after baths with those cotton buds, eat filthy unrecognizable remains from it's plates, never let ducky eat stale food- but will pretend to relish it herself! And then, tell the duckling that it needs to grow up and be independant! How see you're really confusing that little one there.
M.O.M. spend their entire life span trying to nurture the duckling into a beautiful swan. Only to see it fly away one day. Now, in today's world with people relocating abroad, I mean that literally. But, somehow, I think I will never grow out of this state. 24 years of my lady's hard work, 24 years of wanting the duckling to ACTUALLY GROW UP; I might have got some physical changes in myself ( hopefully, apparent from the pictorial proof)...
Nevertheless, everytime I start getting a sore throat, I dial in... S.O.S. :)


Suchitra said...

Beautiful post :)

Anonymous said...

Thats a sweet post indeed!
Hats Off to all our M.O.Ms!

Dee said...

Thanks Meera. :D
You're right. They deserve it. :)

Erratic said...

Lady this was really beautiful...I didn't realize but I m almost into tears :)