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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Misaligned truth..

"Stinkoo! Brush fast!!" . I smiled when I heard my mom's ritual scream in the morning while a misaligned lower tooth line grinned back at me in the mirror.

When I look at my little cousins...maternal, they all have such beautiful pearly whites. I think its to do with the genes. Mom has them too. So does Mom's Mom. It HAS to do with the chromosomal conspiracy. Then what the heck happened when I was being designed?

I wont really degrade my God-gifted naturals. But, its a funny way they are set up. The top ones are really neat. HUGE, but neat. :D Its the lower line, that is decked up in a peculiar "floral" pattern, you see, seems like God was trying to make a flower out of them and half way through realized that it was supposed to be part of a homo sapien. Not just that, somehow my teeth always had a knack of being attracted to cavities.

Finally, my youngest cousin made me proud. He was my sole companion to share this fate. At tiny three, he was proud owner of a quite disfigured tooth set, stained with the relentless munching of chocolates.
Nevertheless, he appears cute to us. With his big head , round eyes and the adorable little nothings, no one seems to mind the minor detail of his missing incisors.

Besides, I don't think he himself really cares right now. It will only be i think a decade down the line when he'll ask his mom that who the hell gave him all those chocolates!!?


Suchitra said...

Hey welcome to the world of blogging :) Nice post and yes I know how you feel ! Even I am blessed with "not so good" teeth :D

Arun said...

Never noticed the floral pattern in the lowers. So I guess its fine. :-)

Subhramani said...

You can be happy that you don't have metal teeth like me. All my molars are messed up. Had to undergo root canal for 3 of them and had to get the 'un-repairable' one extracted :-s