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Friday, November 13, 2009

On the table top...

You just can't deny it, meetings can be a real dud sometimes. Especially, corporate.
I have seen an instance where it was supposed to be a day-off-work meant for employees to rewind and relax. They were taken to a beautiful resort with amazing landscapes, a swimming pool, board games, outdoor games and (behold!) a big conference room.
Conference ROOM!? You must be wondering my dear friends. Yes, everyone was locked up there for the next four hours and presented slides by all managers about how to make the place fun.
...No comments.

Don't be judgemental and conclude that I don't pay attention in meetings (I even take notes as proof!). But, there are so many distracting agents and lets accept it, monologue meetings are the undisputed winners in this category.

Things you DON'T want in a meeting:
1. Coffee slurrrper sitting next to you.
2. Nail-biter sitting next to you, for that matter anywhere in your frame of vision (Eww gross!)
3. Leg shaker anywhere near the table. The last thing you want is to feel the seismic vibrations coming all the way from a restless colleague while you're already battling a post-lunch meeting.
4. A "Same-Word-Repeater-Speaker". "OK!", "You getting me?", "Basically". I know we all do it, but as audience, by the time you're done with the hour long talk with all the OKs, you are ready to shoot yourself at the next "OK!". :|
5. What you DEFINITELY don't want is; to be the last person in the row. Here's the thing, the first person at the table bends over to see the projection ahead. So, does the next and next and so on. So, you better be sitting on the table top if you are the last person at the table!!

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