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Friday, November 27, 2009

Salsa, Spice and Love..

Friday. Without a doubt, my favorite day of the week. I love cooking at any time, anywhere, but today; I was IN THE MOOD.

I picked up my grocery bag and headed to another favorite, the Super Market!
As I walked through the aisles of confectioneries and juices; "Hello There.." said the sexy sauces from Karen Anand's. "O-la-la".. whispered me under my breath and filled my bag with some goodies while my brain concocted tonight's menu.

It was just yesterday that me and Prasad were discussing in absolute seriousness that its just not fair; the quantity of Nacho chips in these theatres, that comes for what hundred bucks!! What's even more unfair is that Nachos don't come cheap and easy at every store around. :|

To me, food is an art. Whatever be the ingredients, the real taste, is of love.
And of course, which art is complete without creativity. Trying out new recipes or rather inventing my own gives me the thrill of a five-year-old making a sand castle. Just like that castle, I feel cooking food should always be easy, fun and quick!

So, presenting Friday night's Menu!

1. Starters... Crackers with Salsa Sauce. You can even sprinkle some cheese on this to indulge.

2. Marinated spicy soya chunks. I loved the way the texture turned out.

3. Mixed Vegetable Spread with Bread.

4. Happy Tummies.

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