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Monday, November 2, 2009

Fashion ka hai yeh jalwa..

The last time I had participated in a fashion show was back in school.
It was a cheesy, wanna-be, teenage performance. But, it was fun.

Well, I did it again. This time at work and with just double the crowd. Although I have always loved dressing up, I would say the conditions around me weren't that flattering for the occasion.

1. Thirty-minutes-FLAT to change.

2. Loads of make-up. I've been told natural goes the best on me. At least most of my close ones tell me not to scare them with red lipstick.

3. Rain. Rain. Rain.

4. A kaput Green Room. Now I must say, that the organizers took the term 'Green' Room too literally, coz it was on Grass! People, someone's wearing a two grand stilettos here!

5. Two-Grand Stilettos. Not the price. But, the height.

6. The wind. Wind is welcome when it flies kites, not skirts.

Putting all the above factors in a blender and what do you have;

1. Wet stage...Get ready to see some skating championship!
2. Drenched green room remains.
3. Me running around with stilettos in hand and skirt tucked between legs.
4. Make-up? Who cares! Didn't you read the point 3!!!

However, things are always not as bad as I make them sound. Although last picture is the supporter of my 'Go-Natural strategy'.


sundeep said...

acha hai... par make-up jyada hai.. as rightly said by you doesnt suit u... u look much better normally..
just my thoughts.... but keep up the spirits !!!!!!

Dee said...

Hehehe.. I know..I accept. But what to do, stage par sab kar padta hai Sundi. :)