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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I, Robot.

Rigourous aerobics after a month-long break; you'll agree I look robotic today.

My legs won't move. I am skipping few breaths here and there cause my abs can't take all that breathing motion. I almost screamed along with my sneeze. My calves scream in pain almost making me wish I could slide down the stairs on my chair.

The beauty is, you never realize this while you're doing it. With every crunch I did, I smiled at my reflection saying "Not bad at all, eh".
My reflection smiled back at me saying "We'll see tomorrow, toughie!".

And it was just a matter of time, before I tried to get up from bed in the morning and OUCH, that HURT. :|
I remember being told that Lactic Acid is the culprit here.
But, Google begs to differ.
Let's not blame the poor acid. The muscle stiffness that we experience after hard or unaccustomed exercise is the damage/stress to the muscles and not the crystallisation of lactic acid. In fact, its not even called Lactic Acid, its rather Lactate.

I think the only body part which doesn't hurt right now is my mouth. Infact its begging for a morsel of food. So signing off for tonight then, tomorrow I'll be BACK with a smile just like this one..

Found this picture from another blog, just apt :)

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