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Friday, September 25, 2009

How far would you go to protect a secret?

Friday night. Cup of Tea. Piece of cake. Comfy tee and pyjamas.

Prasad had almost given up on me. You see, he's a complete movie buff and movies for him, mean serious business. I love movies too, but not to the extent of holding up my eye-balls to finish a flick. O.O

The Reader.

As always, Kate Winslet was brilliant. What I love about this lady is how natural she is! I don't think I can be that natural even in real life. I had loved her in Revolutionary Road. I had loved her in Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind. I want to see the Holy Smoke, sometime real soon.

I hate it when people die in climax of any movie, especially if one of the lovers. Its simply unbearable. But, somehow most of Kate's movies conclude that way. :'( The Revolutionary Road was again one of my favorites but, I would never want to see it again. Why? Because it was so real that it makes me cry. The Reader goes to the same category.

You see her movies don't have a major plot. Its almost always about the small and tiny things in life which we actually care about. Feelings, pride, shame, aspirations, ego, jealousy. Do you realize HOW difficult it is to base a movie on these? I just realized that it is so true how we always assume any well spoken person to be well read as well!

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