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Friday, September 11, 2009

I love to singaa...

I sang on the stage after eleven years.
I wouldn't say that I have the stage fright. But, singing is altogether a different game. The last time I did it, it was a pure disaster. I still remember how people's faces twitched when my pitch went from high to higher till a baritone came out.

That's my nightmare.

Now, only difference is, I am a twenty five year old. So, a failure will be only little more humiliating. The office crowd won't really mimic me! Although, I might go away from public sightings for a while. Which is Ok. Right. So analyzing the risk involved, I signed up.

Nevertheless, Sis, Mom and Dad were supportive as hell. But you know, somehow, you cannot believe your own Mom when she praises you. Cause, she'll ALWAYS praise you. :)
So, I relied on Prasad. He is a true critic and can't help himself in telling the truth. I know he wouldn't praise me AT ALL if it wasn't genuine. :/

So, when Prasad gave me the green signal. I went ahead. \m/
The show was on Sep 11. I practiced and practiced. I practiced till my throat went sore, till my Mom knew the lyrics, till my neighbours in Office had the song on the back of their hand, till the song run in my dreams as well.

The show began. I swear I could have given ANYTHING if they let me sing from behind the curtains. I requested that the lights be dim when I go on stage. Atleast not having to face the audience staring back at you would help in this situation.

But, the audience was smart. And I don't like that.
They requested that the lights be ON! :O
I mentally took a note of my friends who were part of this mischief. :X

I began to sing.
But hey, this time it wasn't THAT bad. I wasn't all hands and legs. Words flew out smoothly, the person in first row was ACTUALLY enjoying the melody. I can bet I saw some people swing along as well! Before I knew, I had finished the song and the audience was applauding. :')

I can't believe it even now, that after spending days and nights of restlessness and anxiety; it went by so swiftly. But, my joy was short lived only until I saw the video recording of the show...

Ok. Why was I moving like a swaying coconut tree?
Here, have a look.

P.S. And feedback is welcome, as long as its positive ;)


Rishabh said...

Hey! really nice. :) Two questions... What was the occasion? Secondly, why was that other girl echoing you?

swapan said...

Nice Performance.. :-)

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hope the next gap is not 11 yrs again ;-)

SHREYAS said...

Nice performance Deepti !! :-)

Dee said...

LOL.. Thx! ALL of you!
Rishabh-- It was spontaneous and i was panicky :D
Swapan-- I myself hope not! :)
Shreyas-- Thanks again :)

Veena Basavarajaiah said...

Hey beautiful!!! that was lovely!!

Dee said...

Heyy veena.. Thank you so much :)

madhuvanthi said...

hey u were brilliant on the stage.. lol your second performance was a highlight ;)once more.. once more... i guess this was the only thing u havent done here so far and mission accomplished :D

Dee said...

Hey Madhu.. Hehe.. I have sung earlier but yes last time was a pure disaster.
So, I kind of put that in the Most-Embarassing-Never-To-Be-Repeated activities list. :)

Shree Kumar said...

You sung well (late post, yeah I know). I noticed the gentle swaying too - perhaps you should sing more often to get rid of the swing :-)

Dee said...

Haha Shree Kumar.. Thanks :) Will try to do so!

Sakeeb said...

Hey you sang really well.. what was the occassion... HP Habba?

Raj said...

The antaras were better than the mukhda.
You have to work on the landing notes though.
Each time the word "Nasha" was going flat.

More than anything, the "feel" could have been better. May be you could have tried closing your eyes and try and imagine John Ibrahim.

It was as though you were telling the audience "Dekhti hain jiss tarah se teri nazarein mujhe, main khudko chupaoon kahan"

Overall, not bad for an office show!

Dee said...

Thanks Raj.. Will keep the tips in mind for the next show!