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Friday, September 4, 2009

First time Guardian! :S

My younger cousin sis is now supposed to move to Hostel and start her college. A new phase for her. But, let me confess, more than her, I'm having butterflies in my stomach...well, I'm going to be the local guardian for this little girl!
I still remember my first day at college so vividly. That silly short-harido.
Those jeans which I thought fit me perfectly. I even wore sunglasses now that I remember. What was I, like 17? :)
I was accompanied by Dad. He went and met all teachers, introduced me to them as well.
The usual advice of studying well followed.
Its going to be nine years since that day, its still so fresh in my memories. I don't remember many things out of college perhaps because of being a day scholar or, maybe just because my memory sucks. But, I do remember I always felt back then that the children staying in the Hostel had all the fun. Late nights, friends always around, bigger pocket money, outside food, sharing snacks...had to be more fun than just coming back home and eating home-made food with parents.

But, now that I've grown past those years and work has forced me to stay away from parents. I realize, how important parents are during those college days, not just for making your life easier with the food and money but, the morale support!
God knows how many times I would come home in a stroke of panic. It would be some assignment, a project, just a fight with friend, or some shoutings from lecturers.
Just an hour or so with family, would make me forget everything and focus on bigger & better things in life.

Now, what makes me anxious is will I be able to provide that sort of support to my lil' sister who'll be staying away from home?

I suppose I will learn it myself with her. After all, despites of all possible Guides, parents never have a prior hands-on experience as well :).

Check out this one I found for first time parents!!


Bharath V.C. said...

haha enjoy the power ;)!!

Dee said...

Hehe.. I know.. Its good to Parent someone ;)