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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why does it have to be THAT bad!?? :S

I was setting up my cupboard, today being a Sunday; when I came across some of my fasion disasters. Purple scarfs, maroon pants, green skirt. I'm not saying these are BAD, probably can be used for dressing up the Grinch! :|

The only thing crossing my mind while folding those clothes was; "What was I thinking!!?"
I remember myself dressing up like Mary Poppins for this one occasion. A Cow-girl (almost) for another. Thank God I was just ten or so at that time else, people would have recommended some medication for me.

But then, when I think about it. EVERYONE has done it. Right?
Just look at these following pictures..

We ALL know these people. No body knew ME!
THEY ARE ON TV! FOR GOD"S SAKE! The WORLD is watching them!!
I was on my own. But, these people had a team of designers behind them.
Suddenly, I feel good about myself. I mean come on, "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!"


nishitak said...

Haha..must say Kajol has still not learnt. She still wears the most awful color combinations and fits

Dee said...

Haha.. I swear..

Suchitra said...

lol ! When I look at some of my childhood pics I feel the same !

Dee said...

Suchi- I know!! Leave that.. Sometimes I just need to look at some of my pics in near past and I shudder! :S :D