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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Appam-Sambhar Khao, QUICK GUN MURUGUN ke gun gaao!

I licked my fingers clean off the Podi Dosa. Me and Prasad both agreed coming to SouthIndies for the brunch was a prudent choice over French Quarters.

The Real Reason being: French Quarters had closed their Sunday Brunches for the time being due to the Metro Work going on right in front of their doors. I loved The French Q. Whenever they restart the buffet, they have one die-hard fan coming back for sure.

Nevertheless, competition brings out more options for consumers. So, Me and Prasad marched through the Namma Metro debris towards SouthIndies right across the road. They have used a better strategy (according to ME!) to lure hungry people interrupted by Namma Metro. They have brought down their prices to 225 + tax == :D !

By our third Podi Dosa and the first Appam, we both spoke in unison. Food was fabulous.
Taste- Check
Service-Double Check. The waiter literally never let our plates have even an inch of empty space!
Ambiance-You think I cared about that by now!

We were discussing how healthy vegetarian food can be and especially South Indian cuisines when it came to a quickie breakfast. I completely swore by that fact and proceeded to order my next coin parantha. It was Kerala speciality, how can I betray the food of my mother land?
Although when the coin parantha came in, it was I agree a little bigger than a coin. Maybe a few coins put together and squashed under the railway tracks.

By the time we waded through the sambhar-dosa-chutney, appam-stew, pulav and gallons of chutney-podi-with-ghee-which-you-must-eat-with-every-bite...we looked content. Not to mention the payasam and ice cream, which maintained the quality & our expectations.
I topped it all with the filter-coffee!

(Pics borrowed from some fellow bloggers for depicting the food from heaven)

We walked back lazily to the car and drove back home.
I leaped into my bed for my Sunday siesta wondering, They must have kept the caffeine dose at the end of the meal for a reason.


Naveen Kumar said...

oh god.. the food is def good here...
the way u have explained makes people drool over it..
good one!!! :)

Dee said...

Hehe.. Thx! You must visit them on Sunday Brunches. Taste/Test it yourself :)