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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Arranging some Love..

My Brother and I were having some good laughs viewing profiles at www.keralamatrimony.com.
Yes, we're looking out for alliances for him. Its amusing how people can describe themselves as "white-complexioned", extremely good-looking, very intelligent and similar adjectives!!
How modest.

Another weird rule of the alliance-search is that the guy MUST have more alphabetic credentials ahead of his name. Basically, if she's a Graduate, he HAS to be a post-graduate, duh. If she's a PhD , you better have your guy with Supersize-PhD in Rocket Science.

Then comes the most rip-off-your-hair-and-scream-out-in-frustration torture, the Horoscope Matching. I wouldn't disregard this path of art/science because many people are staunch believers in that. Yet, there's a limit to everything people! Because, here people don't seem to be satisfied that your compatibility match works out. You need to be born with Paapam, Doshas, Jataka and one million star signs to match your life partners'. (I agree some of them do sound like dishes).

However, I cannot really blame them. It so happens that I didn't have to go through the pains of alliance-searching myself. So, I can't really be an unbiased judge.

I have so many friends and siblings who're in the same process and I must say, It can definitely be very frustrating. That's when one feels, it would have been so much easier to just fall in love with someone and be married. To certain extent, I agree to what they say. To certain extent, I would say, "...you don't just fall in love! Sure you CAN, but you gotta nurture it."

But then, one thing that's common to either Arranged or Love Marriage, something no couple can escape is, to make it all the way. Isn't it? :)
With my own marriage coming close, I wish the warmest feelings to all the people in love or in search of love, to find not the right person, but, the person right for them...and the journey ahead.


Priya said...

Not everyone gets to fall in love before marriage, Dee. Prasad and yourself are one of the lucky ones. Also I feel you have got to trust someone (God? Fate?) to meet your life partner.

I never used to believe in all this till I "got to" meet Mohan (Thanks to our matching horoscopes).No regrets now. I think horoscope matching does work.

If you think the descriptions are funny, you should see some of the photos that people post (the grooms, I mean).

Dee said...

I totally agree Priya.
Although, yes, "luck" is a very interesting aspect which has different meanings for every individual.

And after all, I feel be it Love or Arranged.. there's a very fine line between Arranging your Love .. and Loving the Arranged. :)

Anoop KR said...

hehehe.. wat u said is very true abt the horoscope thing... findin someone urself is a lot easier...

i hate that piece of paper called horoscope.. :D

Linhy said...

Interesting blog you got going on here!! come checkout mine sometimes when you get a chance!

Linhy said...

hahaha interesting! Look in march or February posts I have a subject about love or arrange marriage

Dee! said...

Good post Dee.
You were bang on, Just falling in love is not enough. You have to nurture it. So true !!

You seem to have decoded love successfully :)

Dee said...

Hehe.. I wouldn't brag about having it decoded already.. But, I've definitely embarked on that journey to get there :)