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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is that possible??

My Dad had just received his order from India Plaza and was rejoicing over the latest edition from Deepak Chopra.

SynchroDestiny. I read the Summary at the PaperBack and shrugged. Books? Not my cup of tea.

He took it along to our Kerala Trip. He was with it while he slept. He was reading it when we were watching TV.

"Whats it about Dad?"
He smiled. He LOVES being asked questions. He's so knowledgable. Not only does he love talking about various topics. He loves building a complete story, scene and climax around it. As he got into the concept of the book, I laid down next to him on the bed. Yeah, he likes it slow-paced and descriptive.
Basically, the book talks about all those nice lil' things that happen around us. The Magical things. Which...supposedly, we busy people, don't notice!O.K. ... was it going to be this 'usual', take a break-relax-smell-the-roses concept beaten to death(TOO CLICHE'd).. or so I thought.

But, Mr. Chopra speaks about those miracles which happen everyday and go unnoticed. We end up living all our lives and sometimes fail to appreciate even a single one of these. I smiled as Dad finished and carried on with my activities.

I was in the bus to my office when I saw a lady carry her miniature-thing-of-a-child across the road. I suddenly remembered my colleague who'd been on maternity leave for five months now. Her baby would almost be this size now, I thought and smiled. I should call her sometime. Its been ages since we caught up.

It was before I sat down at my desk that I saw her name flash on my cellphone screen as it rang.
I was gaping at it thinking OMG...Did I message her?Or, is she back in office?? I received the call striking an ear-to-ear smile in disbelief.
"How come you called??All well??CAN YOU BELIEVE it I was JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU!"

To her, it may have sounded like a "usual" greeting...you know! how people saying.. ohhh.. i was just gonna call you.. or , Ohh.. I was juuuust message. Although, in my head it was clearly a different picture.

She had called to invite me to her baby's naming ceremony. :)
After some loose talk, I hung up. Called up Dad. And I think its anyone's guess what I had to tell.


Me said...

This is what the Indian people developed, communication through mind (now famously known as Telepathy). I know most of the people don't agree with it, but it is true, in the beginning we didn't had language as a communication medium, we used to communicate through our mind, this knowledge lost when we started depending heavily on language medium. As an interest i am researching on it.

Dee said...

WOw. Research on this subject would be so enlightening.. you should share your experiences on the same..
Although, I know of some people who feel that sharing these experiences with others makes them less special. Nevertheless, I feel sharing them with someone who feels the same way.. makes them even more special. :)

Me said...

Yeah very much true, sharing makes them even more special.

About my experiences, i do telepathy with my sir & my mom.Some times i send signals that make them call me or some times we happen to discuss the same thing which we communicated before calling each other.You may say that, we share common interests may be bcoz of that it is happening, but reading the same book and trying to call to discuss about the same book is not a coincidence.

And other than that, sometimes i do it while playing game like dice or cards, whatever i think and send the signal to cards or dice, i get that number.

The degree to which it all worked is 4 out of 10 per day, the reason i have figured out is due to some other strong feeling running within us or other person, in that case our signals cant make any impact on their minds as their mind is not in receiving mode.

Still more insights & research are needed into telepathy and that we can figure out by means of recording the brain activities at both ends simultaneously and finding patterns in thinking.

The reason why feelings exist is because of communication between mind & heart.And only meditation can make our minds stronger as we will gain the ability to channelize our concentration towards whatever we do or think of.

Also to tell you one more thing, we use terms such as "like minded people", the "like mindedness" comes because of our strong telepathic abilities on that topics.

Our perception may differ with other people's perceptions its because of the enormous unknown factors involved and we each have our own perceptions and look at problems differently. Because of such design of our minds, collectively we can solve many problems but not as an individual, which makes humans more society oriented.

Dee said...

So.. Very.. True!
Its gud u actually pen these things down.. u knw.
Becoz I am SURE they happen to EVERYONE. but just that.. most of us.. don't really say it out loud. And, some of us think its very dramatic to think that a person actually communicates with other beings through telepathy.

When my pet had fallen ill, almost critically ill, we were away and we got the news. there were still 4 days since we could have got back home to her. All me and Dad did is just send messges to her through our hearts..to hang on .. and we'll be RIGHT THERE before she knows.

And she did.. :)
I don't know what else to call this other than a Miracle.