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Monday, April 18, 2011

Healthy Snacking? Green roll-ups coming up!

Since me and Prasad have been trying religiously to eat some healthy meals, I decided to make something my mom would make when I was few feet shorter.

Cabbage Rolls.
I agree the name is not the USP here. And thats why I decided to go fancy with the 'Green Roll-ups'. This can be a great evening snack and surprisingly filling! And best part is, the cooking time is just about 20 minutes.


For filling:
- Oil, salt, pepper
- Chopped onions,
- mushrooms / paneer ; depending on what you prefer, these are the two fillings that I would recommend.
Chop the mushrooms / grate the paneer finely.

For wraps:
- A lush green cabbage. Here, the trick is to pick a nice and tender cabbage, unless you want to do some serious rumination for dessert.

- Saute the onions with a spoon of oil
- When golden brown, add salt, pepper and mushroom/ paneer
- Roast this stuffing a little and then set it aside.

- Take out the cabbage leaves as whole.
- Boil some water, add salt to it and add the leaves to it and cover with a lid.

- Depending on how tender the leaves are already, leave them on the flame for upto 10-15 minutes or more. They should be edible by themselves at the end of the boil.
- Drain the water, the leaves are ready for wraps.

- Fill up the stuffing inside each leaf carefully and cut as follows;

- Serve this with a slightly spicy sauce, perhaps tabasco and mustard!

- Bon appetite!


Sukanya said...

Looks Delicious..thanks for the recipe.. will try with tofu,bell pepper and mushroom. might spice it up a little ;)

Dee said...

Hey thanks Sukanya! Yeah that sounds great too :D

Namrata said...

Sounds and looks delicious! Definitely trying my hand at this one!

Linhy said...

Looks really good and very healthy!

विवेक Call me Vish !! said...

hmmm healthy life !