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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Italiano Spaghetti gone Chinese!!

I was in the mood to cook something special. So, Garlic and cheese Spaghetti was on the menu. :)
Its way simpler than you may think and for the ones who can't live without white sauce in their Italiano, I will tell you just how to get that as well!

For this particular one, you need;
- Garlic pods
- Green chillies
- Vinegar, soy sauce
- Oregano ( I usually end up collecting the ones that come from Dominoes :D ). Else, nowadays you get them at any super market.
- Spaghetti
- Vegetables of your choice
- Oil, salt, pepper to cook

If you'd like to make it with white sauce ( as Prasad was begging me to do), you additionally need;
- Milk, about 2 cups of milk if you've got 3 cups of finally cooked spaghetti
- Corn Flour

Cooking time: 30 mins ( depending on your chopping speed ;) )

1. First things first. Cut green chillies finely and crush the garlic. Add these to about five tablespoons of vinegar. Let it remain soaked. I threw in the chilly flakes I had cause when I go spicy, I go all the way.

2. Chop these vegetables how you'd like them.

3. You can add mushrooms if you prefer them. We can't live without mushrooms.
4. Get the spaghetti of your choice. This is the one I got. Known and trusted, Delmonte's Gourmet Spaghetti.
5. Take the amount you'd like to cook and add to boiling salted water. Here, the trick is to add as much salt into this water as you'd like in your spaghetti if eaten right out of this.
If the salt remains less here, rarely you can get it spread evenly into it later.
Once boiled (for about 10 mins), check if its cooked. Drain the water and smear about two spoons of oil/butter on them to prevent them from sticking to each other.

Grease a pan with oil/butter and get the veggies roasted.

If you're using mushrooms as well, I'd recommend that you add them only once all the rest of the veggies are cooked. Lest, they may loose their texture.
As these veggies turn crunchy brown, add in salt, pepper, soy sauce. Take this off the flame.

Take a big bowl to mix the Spaghetti and veggies (+mushrooms). Over these, pour in the Vinegar mix that we prepared in the beginning. Garnish with Cheese(Indulge in this for once)!

If you would like this more of the Pasta way with white sauce.

To make the white sauce;
- Boil the milk
- Meanwhile, mix three spoons of corn flour with 5 spoons of water
- Pour the corn flour mix into the milk and let it boil.
- Add salt, pepper to taste. Soon, the White Sauce will take shape. Do not boil for too long, unless you want a big white blob! (The consistency should be that of the Dosa batter when taken off the flame)

Pour this on top of your prepared Spaghetti and run it through the Microwave for 5 minutes. Bon Appetite!


Sukanya said...

Ahh!! that's the delight... so easy... my version of white sauce is bit off....i usually heat olive oil. saute a pod of garlic, a tbsp onion and oregano, and add a tablespoon of plain flour to the mixture..saute in low for a min or so and add milk and boil to the said consistancy... add desired amt of salt, pepper ... its yumm :) :)...try this version when free :)

Linhy said...

looks really yummy

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious.