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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mangy-Mangy ..lure..

I'd been to Mangalore last weekend, as I'd declared out loud to many of you.
As always, it was lovely visiting my in laws. They for sure adore me, I cannot speak for Prasad though. ;)

I do not completely agree with the phrase, " The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Well, I think it should be, " The way to a woman's heart is through is stomach as well". Because, I sure can be owned like a helpless small pup with a piping hot home cooked meal!

The majority of our agenda for Mangalore visit primarily revolves around the menu during our visit.
Terrible. I know.
But, I confess, we do Live to Eat.
Pathetic. I do not deny.

Nevertheless, I had promised my dear readers and followers of a good review of Mangalorean dishes, so here I am. The biggest flaw in my food reviews is my lack of patience to capture the dish well before I dig my teeth into it. Thus, some of them here had to be "recreated" just for you all!!

Day 1: 
On arrival, I went dashing to the kitchen lured by the mixed fragrances of coconut and aromatic steam.
Khotte Idli; Cylinderical Rice dumplings prepared wrapped in Jackfruit leaves.
Dalitoye : Mangalorean toor dal with prominent flavor of Asafoetida
Coconut Chutney : Carries the distinct tang of ginger and tamarind. 

Mangalore Buns: Deep fried flour dumplings with mild flavor of ripe banana. These bakery-fresh babies can make you weak on the knees. Honestly, I never thought 'deep-fried-ripe-banana' can taste THIS GOOD.

While I was still ruminating my breakfast, it was time for lunch alright.
All my doubts about my appetite died away as soon as I saw the spicy red hot Prawn Curry, Fish curry in coconut gravy with rice. Yet again, it was time for some serious Eating.

We went out to the "Village" for dinner. I think this is the joint at Mangalore where all the happening crowd hangs out. I rate it really well for its food and service as well.
I was too preoccupied ordering and pigging out to click too many pictures. But, to name a few, when you're there, don't miss the Tawa Fry fish, Paneer Ghee roast and their amazingly-drool-worthy-heavy-as-hell Cheese Risotto. Well, its not a Risotto to the true sense, but it sure can make your palate dance!

Day 2:
Phew, writing about all that food has got me full! Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that I had this lovely curry made of tender Bamboo Shoots. Not only it tastes unexpectedly good, its healthy too! Unlike our regular dietary ventures. :)

Last but not the least, we visited the good old Pabbas, without which our trip is incomplete. The famous Ice Cream parlor of Mangalore. This is what we had there :D


Chocolate Dad!


American Choconut! I had this and yes, those are cashews!

Parafit!! Hehe.. I dono why it is called that. Does it resemble a parchute?? :] Although, you definitely glide after eating this!

As I said, too much, too heavy, too sinful , too finger-licking good. I don't deny any of that.
Do visit these places when in Mangalore!
Bon Appetit.


Shree said...

Reading such posts while eating breakfast at the office cafetaria sucks!

Next time you are in Mangalore, check out "Ideal" ice-cream parlour too.

-- Shree

Dee said...

Oh, definitely! Where's it?
I've heard of the Natural and Hang-yo parlors there.. Not this one :) Leme know..

Dee! said...

So, here we have your weekly post (Dee, you should consider making it semiweekly).

Loved all food pics.

Never been to Mangalore, seems i need to plan a trip soon!


Dee said...

Hehe.. I wld love to make it daily but somehow time just flies before I click the 'Publish' button! :)
Thanks for the feedback and yes, Mangalore is worth a visit in non-Monsoon days :)

Shree said...

Ideal is near Hampanakatte, close to the private bus stand. Prasad must know the place - check with him :-) Ideal may well lay claim to be the original shop that fuelled the ice-cream craze of the Managalore junta.