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Saturday, June 26, 2010


I attended Family Day celebrations hosted by my sis's office. Apart from being really well organized, the awesomely coordinated dance numbers were the icing on the cake; owing to my love for leg shaking. But of course, we had some quick bites ( and a lot of them at that ;) ). I was impressed and comfortably satisfied in the belly.

There were miniature giant wheels ( I know that's an oxymoron but that's exactly what it was!), merry-go-rounds, caricatures, shooting/bouncing/tossing games, pottery making, mehendi, tattoos, clothes, junk jewellery and lots more. I have always been fond of these carnival-sort-of-gatherings. They just transport me back to my childhood were me and sis would be these starry eyed kids glued to the food stalls. Man. Those were the days.

All in all, had a great time as you can see all my thirty-two out there!

(Sis, Me, Deepali Di)

I was walking towards my car at the parking when I saw a fairly elder man carry a tiny little dishevelled thing in his hand with utmost care. He was almost a level before tip-toeing. Curiousity took the better of me and I gave a second peep. Ah, it was his creation at the pottery stall. I think it was an attempt to make something like a pot. It definitely looked more of a flower to me. Nevertheless, what seemed to matter to him is, he CREATED IT!

In those brief few seconds that I noticed this scene, I realized something.
The Sense of Mine. A critical element in all of us. Something that "I" created will be precious to me. No matter how sad or ugly it looks to the outer world. We will have an invisible umbilical cord attached to it.

I remember the time Dad bought our first Sandwich Grill at home, I was in eight grade. I don't remember much around that incidence except for the fact that I had made these grilled sandwiches with just plain cheese filled in them. I remember feeling the Top Chef that day. Or, perhaps Mom Dad just played along (you can always count on them to do that! :) )

I remember my good friend making this painted ceramic bowl. How much she loved it. What I loved is, watching her adore her lil' scribbled color mesh.

Don't we all do that? At least when it is our first time. Just recall...when did you look at your little messy first-time-project and pat your own back in admiration.


maja said...

Hi Dee.
You don't know me, and I don't think I know you. I ran into your blog by chance... and I liked the photos... so I wanted to see more... and then I saw myself on some of your images... Interesting.
Anyway.. apart from the fact I like your blog, I searched for the contact but no luck. so I have to leave a comment. unfortunately.
Would it be possible to get some the pics you took at Sammilan 09? I would be more than grateful. You can answer me via mail, suppose it will show when you get the comment.
Well... really love your photos... but now I want to have them too...
p.s. it is spelled Croatia (but considering the fact you were the only person in India who spelled my name right, I have no intentions on being too peaky.

Dee said...

Heyyyy Maja!! Great to see you on my blog. :) You indeed were very photogenic thus, the photos.
well, I do KNOW you and had briefly spoken to you. I am friend of veena and Ranjan Sir.
You mit not remember me coz obviously you were in performance frame of mind. :)
I knoww I don't have my contact but, sadly, thre's none for you as well! :((
My contact is at deepti.kharbanda@gmail.com.
Send me your email. I will send the pics across. Also, Thanks for correction on Croatia. :D
I am currently out of town so expect a delay in reply for a week. Take care.

maja said...

thanks a lot... will mail you... strange there is no contact, I wrote it... anyway... I am not familiar with this blogging thingy...