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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OOPS! nooot AGAIN! nooot NOW!

Today was one of those Butter-Finger-Syndrome days.

1. I dropped my toothpaste on my night suit first. (Cursed the toothpaste, it was not my fault).

2. Then dropped the sugar out of the tea cup. (Cursed gravity).

3. Dropped the nuts out of my cereal bowl. ( Ok, maybe my fault).

4. Sprinkled the talc all over the floor. (This one I would actually categorize as a basic problem of watching yourself in the mirror while getting dressed!)

5. Dropped the food at lunch on my dress. (Noticed it little too late to have accused anyone in particular. It had dried and left stains :( ).

6. If that wasn't enough already and just in case, anyone missed the obvious stains on my dress, I dropped my lemonade on the dress again.

Mission accomplished.

I know a lot of you would say, Oh come on! What's the whole fuss about. Big Deal.
But, let me clarify, as a person, being more on the artistic and very cautious side by nature; I would say mostly these things don't happen to me on a regular basis.

On the other hand, I do have people e.g. my brother who has this syndrome exactly few minutes before his office cab's arrival. When things voluntarily fly out of his hands and land in the most inaccessible corner of the room. Unfortunate are the days when he's wearing a light colored shirt. And it gets worse when he knows that I am watching. Things just continue to fall magically and dramatically until he gives up and sends one of them flying out of the room in frustration. (LOL).
I sympathize.

Last few days have been observing hyperactive phenomenon in my grey cells and I had just so much to write. But, right now, I am so tired. Especially, with all that juggling going on between my fingers!

Catch you tomorrow. I promise an amusing trail of thoughts. ;)

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