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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I entered the ladies toilet (okay, let me be polished, lavatory) and let out a scream in disgust. Not only stared back a floater on my face, it looked like its owner had taken a cleopatra bath in there. (A BIG EWW!)

I was almost certain that the lady had taken a shower in there. No exaggeration. But why! Maybe to get the smell off herself. Possible. In utter repulsion I cleaned up the mess and wiped the seat clean with my pinky. Trust me, the least human contact is advisable in such conditions.

What I fail to understand is how do they manage to create this magnificient scenario! It is only a touch of an expert. The other object that crosses all limits of aversion is The Used Tissue. Be it positioned anywhere; floor, half hanging on the bin lid, near the seat proximity; its unacceptable. Now ladies, why can't we drop it where it belongs? and FYI, its none of the above listed places.

Doesnt the poor tissue paper deserve a proper disposal after it has served you to death. Literally.

An ideal treatment for such people would be a Disappearing Tissue paper.
Muahaha. <> Obviously the magic should happen after they are done with their job.
Another wicked solution could be an Itchy Tissue paper. I know its mean but can you disagree, it will help in teaching some valuable lessons!

Nowadays the corporates are cutting down on the abudance of tissue papers in the bathrooms as a cost cutting measure. Jeez, can't even poop in peace. Although this withdrawal of luxury leaves you feeling a little vulnerable it does help in avoiding people mistaking tissue rolls for shower towel substitutes. But, incorrigible human species, we always come up with alternatives. If its not the tissues, then the air blower is victimized. Got the flow(blow)? ;)

DISCLAIMER: Post written with an educational intent.


NesQuarX said...

That was such a shitty post... Kidding.

Jokes apart. I know what you mean, and men can be nastier... Oh! The horrors!

Dee said...

HAHA.. I knoww.. have heard a LOT about it .. ;)