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Friday, September 3, 2010

The crazy confusing emotion called Love.. :)

Love, is such a strong emotion. I read a beautiful phrase in a book, "...enough to justify one's existence". Also, at the same time its the most confusing emotion in the world. It makes you mature, caring, loving yet go bananas and act like a child, at the same time.

I was just viewing this cute advertisement on television last night about Johnson & Johnson celebrating their 100 years of cuddling and hugging. Mother and child. A relation no one else can define. The pain a mother undergoes to bear her child can only be understood by her. Yet, she awaits that pain...eagerly so.

I wonder sometimes wouldn't a mother want to punish her child for that painful experience for no fault of hers. Maybe, maybe not. The child was barely aware of it as it came kicking alive into this world. But what about all those times when a child has pee-d or poo-poo-d on her mother's expensive outfit. Or, the times it called names or spat as a mere medium of leisure, while the mother sometimes embraced, sometimes enraged would just withstand it.

Isn't that what love is about, you are so much in it that you don't even realize what is good and what's bad, its just your interpretation of love.

Do children ever realize what all has gone in from bringing them up from a uni-cellular organism to this complete human being? Not just children, it can be any living being who is loved.
Your pet, your siblings, your friends, your lover, your father, your mother, your teacher...the list is endless.
We all love them, we can't live without them, but how many of us express it out loud? They all become hygiene factors of our life...things we miss only when they go missing. How many of us hug them for no reason and plant a big wet kiss as a expression of our gratitude to their presence in our lives. (Of course, that doesn't apply to your love for your teacher :) )

Lucky are those few, who appreciate and value what they have. I hope I hug them close to me until they suffocate. Because, most of us realize it when its too late.


ecomurthy said...

A big hug to you!!!!

Dee said...

Aww.. thank you so much.. A bear hug back to you :)

This is a blog! said...

Love means nothing.............. in sports ;)

Raj Kamal said...

Love means nothing.............. in sports ;)