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Monday, September 6, 2010


Thrilled is an understatement of my feelings when my aerobics instructor told us today that we'd be doing Nunchucks!
Don't know what that is? Don't fret.

(ヌンチャク Nunchaku?) are a traditional Okinawan weapon consisting of two sticks connected at their ends with a short chain or rope. Still clueless what that is (that's ok, some in my class were as well).

Peek into the images running in my head!??

Oh-W.O.W. :D
Do you have any idea how much serious damage those two little pieces of sticks can do. Brutal. .

Ok, only problem is. That's Brucelee. The Brucelee.
Here, it was just me. So, you see, watching myself in the mirror wasn't as impressive as the images my brain was creating. I agree, I have earlier trained in martial arts weapon, but any weapon, has to be learnt and mastered on its own. Besides, I never got that far with the weapons ( :( ).

The routine started in an unexpectedly hilarious manner, with an absolutely butt-clenching squat posture. :\ I have no issues with squatting as long as the entire routine is not based on it. So how this goes is, Nunchucks basics involve A-Z routines that you must practice and memorize...all this in almost squat position (although I won't say we were doing perfect squats by end of the routine, it was more like posture-attending-nature's-call). So, we began with 'A'.

After five minutes of smacking the sticks on my head, arms, back and almost breaking my frontal teeth; the routine ended. I had hurt two nails, my ribs, my arm pits ( yes, you need to lock that stupid stick under your armpit and all I could do is knock myself with it).
After about five rounds of practice, I wasn't that bad! :D Maybe, someday I might improvise a lot and be female Brucelee. No pain no gain. Ain't it?

Ain't it?

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