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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Straight from Dee's Kitchen!

I had just got home from work and I was in one of my cookie-cookie moods. Yes, the days when I find cooking therapeutic. I just love cooking. Although, I will be more human and confess that sometimes, when you're tired out of your senses, obviously cooking for yourself is a pain.

As always my mind was on a hunt for palatable quick-fix recipes. I remembered having boiled chickpea (black chana) in the morning. But, I was in no mood for a run-of-the-mill chana curry (bleeeeh!). I would give a limb for a lip smacking chaat though. Quite on the contrary, I agree. Ah, I miss mum.

Nevertheless, here is what I made!
1. Throw in the boiled chickpea, jeera, ginger-garlic paste, salt, green chillies, dhaniya powder,pinch of garam masala.
Chef's tip: Add 2 spoons of bread crumbs or rice powder for more crunchy outcome. :*

2.Heat up a non-stick pan and smear a little bit of oil on it.

3. Make small cutlets out of this chickpea dough.

4. Place them on the pan on slow heat and toss them periodically for uniform browning.


Much more healthier than the usual aloo tikki and when you have it with a dash of ketchup or salsa sauce, you're guaranteed to go yummy in the tummy!
Bon Appetite!

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